Monday, March 17, 2014

Why Do You Blog?

     Recently a number of people have asked me, "Why do you have a blog?"

     I have an answer--that I will share with you below--but it got me thinking about why other people blog.

     In my case, my blog is about my thoughts and ideas about my profession of education.  Additionally, I blog because I believe that my own professional development comes from reading and listening to other people in the education field (and outside of the education field) who talk about issues that I care about.  I blog because I want to contribute to this professional conversation.

     In the 21st century, learning comes from a large number of sources.  Ordinary people who are passionate about something become experts at that something.  People like me hear about these self-made experts and seek them out for their knowledge on the subject.  To me, blogging and the associated contacts that I make via blogging help me to gain a much wider perspective on the issues that I care about.

     What about you?  Why do you blog?  Send me an email ( or a tweet (@cincottapeter) and tell me why you blog.  I may compile your answers and share (in a general way) the responses I receive in an upcoming blog post..  I will not share anyone's email or other contact information.

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