Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dedicated Teachers Love What They Do

     What's so good about public education?  Answer: Dedicated Teachers

     Dedicated, caring teachers make school special for students everyday.  Students want to make their teachers proud--especially when they know that their teachers really care.  Dedicated teachers make school fun and they make students believe that they can do things that they didn't think they could do.

     Dedicated teachers make parents very, very happy.  Who doesn't want their children to have great teachers??  Parents always worry that their children might get a teacher who is uncaring or mean or unwilling to help their child.  When our kids get a great teacher, we are relived and very grateful.

     Anyone who doesn't work in education is always amazed when their friends or neighbors who are teachers spend so much time talking about their students and working on ways to make their lessons engaging.  So many people come home from work and never think about work until the next day.  Dedicated teachers think about teaching all of the time--or so it seems.

     Teaching is such a challenge--teachers are always striving to improve.  Dedicated teachers work hard to improve all of the time.  Dedicated teachers make our public schools great!


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