Friday, June 27, 2014

Teach100 Education Blogs

     The TEACH100 list of education blogs is a treasure trove information, ideas, resources, and people in the world of education.  Blogs from established companies like The Washington Post and Discovery Education can be found.  But mostly there are blogs from regular teachers, principals, and other educators who want to share what they do and what they have learned with others.

     If you want to learn about technology in the classroom, this is the place to go!  There are lots of blogs about technology.  Check out: iLearn TechnologyTechnology Enhanced LearningDitch That TextbookCommon Core and Ed TechTechnology Made Easy in Education, and so much more.

     There are lots of blogs about teaching mathematics.  Some of my favorites are: I Speak MathMath NinjaMaths InsiderMagical Maths, and Math Coach Blog.  And (again) lots of other great blogs about teaching mathematics.

     In fact, there are blogs on just about every subject and issue related to education that you can think of.  Here is a small sample of the many topics that are covered in this list of blogs:

If you are looking for just about anything that has anything to do with education, TEACH100 is the place to find it.

     And, by the way, TEACH100 has far more than one hundred blogs.  They add to their list of blogs often.  As of June 2014, they are up to 692 blogs.  (In fact, this blog is among the list of the education blogs in TEACH100.)

     Are you looking for a little summer reading (or "Summer Personal Professional Development"), TEACH100 is a great place to go.  It is all about the educator and the act of education.  


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