Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We Want to See You Everyday

     Public schools have something for everyone.  Aside from the "core four" subjects of Math, Science, English, and Social Studies, schools offer Art, Music, Physical Education, and Foriegn Language.  But even more than that, schools at every level offer all sorts of clubs and teams and groups for students to join and to learn more about.

     While school is mandatory for all students, we know that students will not come to school everyday if they don't feel a good and positive connection to their school.  We also know that students who come to school everyday tend to have better grades (see chart).

     Of course, it makes sense that you have to be in school to learn.  We know that students who are absent a lot, often struggle to keep up academically.

     Sometimes we have students who struggle in their core-four subjects, but love Art and Music and come to school everyday because they don't want to miss their Art and Music classes.  Even these students will do better in Math and Science than students with poor attendance--just because they come to school everyday.  And maybe as they grow up, they will learn to actually enjoy their Math and Science classes more!

     Every day counts in school; every day is important.  And, we want to see you everyday because we like to see your smiliing faces too!  So come to school to learn, to play, to socialize, to be on team--but be sure to come to school everyday.

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