Monday, April 7, 2014

Teacher Doing What They Love Best

       Public schools are filled with great teachers who love to teach.  Third grade teachers who, "Love the 3rd Grade." and high school teachers who, "Love to teach Biology." and (yes) lots of middle school teachers who, "Love Middle School."  I've put these sentences in quotes because very often I hear teachers make these statements.

       Sometimes people who don't work in education can't believe it when they hear teachers talk about how much they love working with students.  Maybe this is because they have a negative attitude toward children or teenagers.  Maybe this is because television and movies have portrayed school classrooms as disorganized and chaotic.  But the truth is that many teachers love what they do and they love to help students to learn.

       Parents are much more comfortable with school when they know that their children have excellent and caring teachers.  Students do much better academically when they have knowledge teachers that love what they do.  As a country, we succeed when we have a well education population and that begins with teachers.

       Everyone remembers their favorite teacher.  Who was your favorite teacher?  It was probably a person who was very nice; who loved teaching; who loved being with students; and who made an effort to really get to know you.  Great teachers have a great influence on people and (by extension) on our society.  Teachers make a difference everyday.

       I am thankful for the great teachers in our public schools who love what they do everyday.

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