Monday, October 14, 2013

Professional Conferences

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics are holding one of three Regional Conferences this week in Baltimore, Maryland.  This is close enough to my hometown that I can actually commute to the conference each day.  If you love teaching mathematics and learning about teaching mathematics, then (like me) you love going to an NCTM conference.

Every year, thousands of math teachers from Pre-school teachers to college teachers attend the Annual NCTM meeting (held somewhere in the United States) and/or one of these three Regional conferences.  There is something for everybody.  Presentation, workshops, and a huge area of vendors.

People come to be better teachers.  They meet other teachers from around the county; they make professional connections; they learn new teaching strategies; and it's a lot of fun too!  The best teachers are constantly learning and improving.  It is great to be surrounded by teachers who love what they do and are eager to get better.

The other two Regional Conferences this year are in Las Vegas, Nevada

and Louisville, Kentucky

I would encourage all mathematics teachers to attend a Regional or National NCTM conference.  You will be glad you did.  You will return to your classroom eager to try out the new things you've learned!

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