Monday, October 14, 2013

Online Professional Development

I think it is fair to say that a major, behind-the-scenes aspect of teaching is the constant professional development and teacher training that goes on.  I think that the general public has this sense that teachers are pretty smart and they know their content very well.  They graduated from college and they are done with the "learning" portion of their lives.

Of course every teacher knows that through informal and formal ways, professional development and constant learning is what makes great teachers great teachers.  New standards, new resources, new technology, new requirements, (etc.) insist that teachers stay current; and that requires training--what we call "Professional Development".

Once again, it's a tough job being a teacher.  Finding time for additional training is tough too.  Some of it happens during the summer time; but some of it has to take place during the school year.  My next couple of posts will talk about these varied professional development opportunities that great teachers take part in.

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