Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Blended Learning - 21st Century Schools

       For the past two decades we (in education) have been talking about 21st century schools.  I've read books about it; I've attended lectures; I've read articles; I've had numerous conversations.  The crucial need to end our 19th century, factory-model schools and begin to give our students the school experience that will (best) prepare them for the world that they will inherit has been upon us for a long time.

       When I look at the trend toward Blended Learning, I see the 21st century school that I've always imagined.

  • Students are learning at their own pace.
  • Teachers can give better individual feedback.
  • Students have choices of how they learn best.
  • More student-to-student discussion
  • More emphasis on learning and less emphasis on grading
  • More student engagement
  • Less discipline issues because less students being bored in class
  • Better preparation for college and career
    • Research skills
    • Personal responsibility for learning
    • Working in teams and working individually
       Change is always hard.  But change that helps students to be better learners is change that is necessary.  Blended Learning should become the norm in our public schools.  The traditional classroom of sitting in rows and listening to lectures is not the best way to learn anymore.

       Take some time and learn about Blended Learning.  It is the right thing for our students for today and for tomorrow.

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