Friday, October 2, 2015

Motivated to Learn

       I often say to new teachers that it may not be your job to entertain your students, but it is certainly part of your job to motivate your students.
       We know that actual "teaching" is only a part of a teachers job.  The most major part of the job is ensuring that students are learning.  Our best teachers know that most students don't learn strictly by listening.  Learning requires doing, talking, asking questions, making mistakes, and doing some more.  Teachers plan lessons that keep their students engaged.

       Strategies to keep students motivated include lots of basic things such as:

  1. Calling on students every class (preferably at least three times each class),
  2. Allowing opportunities for students to get out of their seats during every class,
  3. Playing games that require students to understand the objective for the day to do well in the game, 
  4. Asking a lot of "Why" questions that require students to think and to explain their thinking,
  5. Allowing students choices to demonstrate their learning.
       Students can't learn if they are not motivated to learn.  Requiring students to sit still and listen to the teacher for 45 minutes or 50 minutes or 90 minutes is not an effective way to instill true learning.

       What do you do to motivate your students to do their best everyday?

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