Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Meeting the Needs of All Students

     One thing that I have always been proud of about public schools is our desire and efforts to meet the needs of all students.  This seems like a natural thing for schools to do; but when we say "All", we mean "All".  While most students fall in the average category, some students are very strong academically and some struggle a lot with academics.  Public schools strive to help all of these students wherever they may fall on this spectrum.

     Probably the most difficult part of achieving this goal is reaching the students on the extremes.  For students who have severe learning disabilities, public schools have personnel trained in Special Education who work with teachers to help our weakest students to achieve.  Improvements in the education of our weakest students have been great over the past generation; and these improvements continue.

     For students who are significantly strong academically (able to understand work that is two and three--or more--grade levels above their current grade level) public schools look to make special arrangements.  This can be done via online courses, grade acceleration, and help from outside organizations.  Keeping these students challenged year after year is a challenge for our schools.  But we do our best to make it happen.

     As always, a good working relationship between parents and schools is the key to great outcomes for students.

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