Sunday, May 18, 2014

So Many Stories - So Write a Book

     So often, I hear teachers say, "I could write a book..."; as in "Given all of the things I've heard students say and seen students do...I could write a book."

     Well I want to encourage teachers to DO IT.  Write a book; start a blog; keep a journal; send a letter to the editor.  You can do it--I did, and I'm a math guy.

     I am one of those "I could write a book" guys. About six months ago I started this blog and I'm still going.  Who would have known that I have that much to say??

     Mostly, I want to encourage people to write, because I enjoy reading about the experiences of other teachers.  Teaching doesn't come with an instruction manual.  You have to learn from others if you really want to improve.  And today it is just as easy to learn from a teacher who works 3000 miles away from you as it is to learn from the teacher who works across the hall from you.

     Find your medium and do it--write.

     I'm listening.

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